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About TextNigeria

TextNigeria’s vision is to be our clients preferred partner for engaging with consumers in the mobile environment,  delivering services of high standards, quality and value to our clients based on our understanding of consumers’ behaviour, demographics and psychographics.


In line with this vision, Text Nigeria Limited since its establishment as a mobile solutions company in February 2003 continuously strives to improve on its past achievements.


Our services to and with local and international organisations cover various industries including Entertainment, Banking, Manufacturing, Transportation and Health. Our experiences range from audience interaction, consumer engagement and interaction to consumer and brand protection.


TextNigeria solutions empower companies and individuals to easily create, launch and effectively incorporate mobile technology channels into their strategic marketing plans, helping them generate new and additional revenue streams while obtaining consumers’ feedback for product and service improvements.


From inception when appraising our solutions to engagement when delivering on our promise, we pro-actively support our clients with insights garnered over the years to help ensure successful outcomes. Customer service is the lifeblood of our business, products, and services and we take every opportunity to celebrate our clients’ success.


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